Digital Marketing

When you hear the term “digital marketing” many assume it just means posting a bunch of social media posts and emailing advertisements in the form of newsletters to people who sign up on a website. Kind of is, but there is a lot more to it if you want to leverage it to propel your business further. The overall success of digital marketing is all based on the strategy.

Curiosity is the most effective human emotion to target for a successful digital marketing campaign. Intentionally create a knowledge gap to keep the viewers’ attention by not ‘giving it all away’ in your ads. Be honest in your message; it is important to build trust right off the bat so include a personal note to let your audience connect with you. Incorporate reciprocity with the “give to get” approach. Collect leads using freebies/giveaways with special discount codes, which in turn creates an obligation from the viewer to give something back.

Find your audience, then attract it.  Sell your service and keep an eye on what works and then do more of it. Stay on top of what doesn’t work and get rid of it.

Failure to execute a robust digital marketing plan is most always a result of: not doing proper market research; not having a strong foundational strategy; not getting enough engagements (likes, shares, comments); or not including a CTA (Call-To-Action) (subscribe, like, share, etc. to win).

So how do you start to create and add detail to this solid digital marketing plan?  Contact us to help you!

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