The Great “AHA”!

Great Resignation, Great Reshuffle, Great Reckoning, Great Realization…

At Bainsco we call it the “Great AHA”!

The Covid-19 pandemic ushered in significant changes to work life. We’ve all heard about the shift away from the traditional “9-5 grind” and the increased emphasis on work-life balance for overall well-being. But did this lead to the predicted “Great Resignation”? Not exactly. There wasn’t a mass exodus of people shouting “I QUIT” from their jobs.

Statistics Canada shows a slight decline in the current labor force participation rate, but it has largely recovered after the initial pandemic-induced drop for most age groups. While the “Great Resignation” buzz is more prevalent in countries like the U.S., it hasn’t unfolded to the same extent in Canada.

So, what about a “Great Reshuffle”? There’s been some movement. Many individuals used the lockdown period to reassess their career paths, upskill, and even transition to entirely new careers. However, this wasn’t a widespread phenomenon.

According to Statistics Canada, over two-thirds of those initially unemployed during the pandemic returned to the same industry as their last job. The industry re-employment rate was around 68.8% in October 2021, similar to pre-pandemic levels. The hospitality and food service sectors experienced the most significant labor force impact.

Perhaps there’s been a “Great Reckoning”? Employers had to rethink how to attract top talent amidst the potential for workforce shuffling or resignations. Many have raised wages, improved benefits, and embraced hybrid work models for increased autonomy and flexibility. Workers’ concerns now include physical health, workload balance, and mental well-being, prompting employers to adjust job structures, hours, and support systems.

This leads to the “Great Realization” – companies acknowledging the need for change. However, some struggle to balance employee needs with financial constraints. This calls for a strategic approach to optimize offerings and prioritize employee experience while addressing burnout through mental health support.

Enter the “Great AHA!” moment. At Bainsco, we specialize in understanding employee needs, optimizing budgets, and enhancing the post-pandemic employee experience. Reach out to us for a complimentary initial meeting to uncover your “AHA” moment.

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