Drop The Label

The hashtag #dropthelabel has gained traction among women leaders recently. Personally, I’ve never been fond of highlighting my achievements based on my gender. Being an entrepreneur is challenging regardless of race, culture, sexual orientation, parental status, or gender. Labels that differentiate only draw attention to differences, detracting from the pursuit of equality, which makes me uncomfortable.

Gender inequality in leadership becomes more apparent when we emphasize distinctions between male and female leaders. We should shift the focus from being women to being leaders in society. True empowerment lies in bridging the gender gap, not contributing to it with cute labels.

Many startups and established businesses led by women face struggles. I’ve experienced this firsthand, starting businesses from scratch and overcoming failures. Looking back, I wish I had access to mentors and resources like an incubator or accelerator to navigate the challenges.

When advising fellow female business owners, I encourage them to drop the label. Calling oneself “boss babe” or “mompreneur” isn’t empowering; it can limit opportunities and respect. We do not see men calling themselves “boss dude” or “dadpreneur”.  A founder is a founder; a CEO is a CEO.  I identify as both – a founder & CEO with over 25 years of experience, focusing on achievements rather than gender or parental status. I have grown companies from zero to multi-million revenue generating corporations. I am a leader.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion mean celebrating everyone for who they are without segregating them into groups. Ambition knows no bounds, and true entrepreneurs transcend labels.

DROP THE LABEL. Embrace your role as a leader in society. Ambition is universal.

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