Executive Expert Consultants

Consulting is such a broad term, as is the profession of “consultant”.  These days it seems so many different people call themselves a “consultant” or “advisor” and it can mean a myriad of things. Although our firm is named “Bainsco Consulting Group”, we operate less as consultants and more as Experts. We are experts in business, in medical devices and wellness products, in import/export and distribution, in healthcare, and particularly lower limb orthopedic care. We know our product sphere and can evaluate their worth and go-to-market strategy on a dime.

In addition, we consult and advise in DEI, education, government services and non-profit community projects. So yes we consult, but we are expert consultants. Do we advise? Yes, we advise but in an expert format.  We have spent over 25+ years in our field of expertise and we bring a lot more to the table in an hour-long consult than many “consultants” can bring in days. 

A portion of our business is short consulting assignments with clients in private equity (PE), venture capital (VC), and professional service (PS) firms. These clients are generally focused on getting laser-sharp insight into an industry/company for an acquisition, merger, or strategic corporate project. You can call it a fast download on how the target works strategically along with commentary on the impact of any significant current events. The assignments involve intense questions that require very specific and accurate responses. 

We also engage in interim executive assignments. We are retained for a brief interval of time, usually a few months, to take over and lead a team through a transition or lapsed period while a permanent hire for the position is being interviewed/hired. This ensures a continuation of services and greatly reduces transitionary trauma to the rest of the organization.

Companies realize that ensuring continuity in leadership is one of the most important factors in limiting disruption due to changeover in their senior management team.  Employment agencies are great for temporary administrative support or other casual or interim positions, but when it comes to having the right executive on your team to lead you through a transition, it’s best to select an experienced EXPERT who can walk in and self-train from day 1 and get you through without worry while you search for your next permanent hire.

Executive Expert Consultants. That’s Bainsco. 😉

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