I’m Going Insane! 

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result. How many times as a business owner did you feel like you were going insane?

Many business owners and entrepreneurs fall into this trap. They think they can do everything themselves and so keep doing it, over and over and keep getting the same results – slow or no progress. To save money, entrepreneurs will wear several hats and complete several jobs on their own especially when they are first starting up. While that may work some of the time, it is also what runs entrepreneurs down and compounds their stress because they repeatedly make mistakes and have to do it over and over.

Professionals spend years perfecting their skills. I’ve had my fair share of clients gasp when they ask me how much I charge for an hour, a day, or even a week. Consider this though:  If I come in and do a job that might take you a sleepless week in a single ‘fast downloaded’ hour, it’s because I spent 25 years learning how to do it in that hour. In essence, you pay me for my years – not my hour. It’s what I’m worth – my 25 years of mistakes, my 25 years of successes, my 25 years of EXPERIENCE.

Don’t fall into the trap of doing it all yourself. If you’re in the startup phase, set your business up right using professional expertise and you’ll likely avoid the #1 reason for failed startups: poor planning. If your business is a few years in but you’re struggling with productivity, reach out for professional help.

I don’t mean a therapist! I’m referring to a professional business consultant who can uncover the underlying issues of your business. What if your business is stable yet has plateaued and you want to take it to the next step? Facing obstacles with various operational issues can be transformed if you bring the right person in to transform them.

You may not need a permanent hire; you may just need a bit of direction and it will save you a lot of money to retain an experienced consultant/mentor/coach vs. a new employee. At the very least, it won’t hurt you to explore your options and you never know what you will discover from someone who’s already been in the entrepreneurship “loony bin” over and over again, but who knows how to get results!

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